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January 13th, 2015


skin care cream regenerates damaged skin naturally

Four simple tips to care for your skin
BIOSKINCARE® used as a long term skin care routine is as good as short term strong chemical peels for the renewal of the skin.
Skin Rejuvenation Methods

Clean It!

Wash your face morning and night. What you use and how you use it is up to you. You know when your face is clean. Cosmetics experts sometimes recommend a two-to-four-step process. You may not want to make it so complicated. Complexity might encourage you to skip either a morning or a night. Don’t skip. Keep it simple. Wash your face morning and night.

Some of you will use a washcloth. Others will splash. Still others will use “cold cream” and wipe off the dirt that way. Some will use a toner and others won’t. You will know what works. Trust yourself.

Stop the Sun

The sun is your skin’s greatest enemy. It is “The Great Destroyer” of skin. Unless you protect your skin from the sun, no treatment, no moisturizer, no vitamin, no exercise, no surgery will help you.

What the Sun Does to Your Skin

The sun damages skin in several highly significant ways. It does this by activating free radicals, which are the molecules that attack the lining of all cells. Free radicals are responsible for most illness, aging and death. They literally “tear apart” the skin. Alcohol, smoking and stress activate free radicals, but their biggest source, where the skin is concerned, is the sun.

The sun alters skin structure. That is why skin cancer is usually the result of exposure to the sun. But let’s just consider what the sun does to the looks of your skin.

• The Sun causes your top layer of dead skin to thicken as a “protective response” and this becomes even more stiff, un-bending and rough.

• Sun isn’t stopped by this “protective” dead skin. It goes further to the living epidermis and thins it from its normal 20 cell layers to about two layers. You acquire a thin-skinned look.

• In a healthy epidermis, these 20 cell layers are organized like a well-built brick wall. The sun destroys this organization. Chaos in structure and cell size shows that the sun has actually altered DNA. This is considered a pre-cancerous condition. Your skin takes on an uneven texture.

• Chaos spreads below the epidermis where the dermis responds to sun by forming little piles of pigment known as age spots–also considered a pre-cancerous condition.

• In this lower layer of skin, elastin, the stretchy net that holds your skin in place, is torn down by sun exposure. This is how the sun causes sagging skin.

• Collagen resides within the dermis. Collagen is the protein–the basic substance–of which skin is made. The sun destroys collagen. This is how wrinkles form.

• The network of capillaries that feed skin with oxygen and nutrients is devastated by sun exposure. Capillaries become sparse, distorted and irregular. The blood supply to your skin is cut off. It can’t heal. Your skin takes on a sickly pallor.

Get Rid of the Dead Skin

Only when you get rid of the dead skin on your face will your beautiful new skin reveal itself and heal itself.

Where is that wonderful, radiant new skin? It’s there. You just can’t see it.

The “glue” that holds dead skin onto our faces was once soft but hardens as we age. If you’re wondering why your complexion looks dull, it’s because you’re looking at dead skin. Get rid of it!

This is the way to heal your living skin. Dead skin prevents oxygen, moisture and nutrients from reaching your living skin.

And here’s another bonus: The old skin on your face tends to sag and hold wrinkles. Your new baby skin underneath will have a thickened tautness and smoothness you thought was gone. It wasn’t gone. It was just buried.

A young child’s skin is amazing, isn’t it? The truth is that a child loses dead skin every day, just by changing clothes or rubbing against towels and wash cloths. With the help of peeling agents, we can mimic a child’s skin.

How to Get Rid Of Dead Skin?


Asians have used this method for centuries with the loofah sponge and other brushes. You can do it too. There is some question about the uniformity of the exfoliation (or peeling), but many who use brushing are very happy with their glowing skin. Try it and see if you like this method.


Almost every line of cosmetics sells a scrub. Scrubs can contain oatmeal or bits of almond. Uniformity is also an issue with scrubs. Some warn about abrasive damage to the skin, but the benefits of removing dead cells most likely outweigh the effects of abrasion. Again, see if this works for you.

Chemical and Glycolic Peels, and Laser Treatments

These physician-administered treatments can create a radical new complexion. You may want to consider these (although they should never take the place of daily exfoliation). You should know, however that you might need some time off to recover from any of these treatments as your skin will literally be “burned” to take off the top dead cell layer. If you are impatient and want the rapid appearance of new baby skin, and you have time to take off for recovery, this might be a good option for you. Your dermatologist can tell you more about these procedures.

Alpha and Beta-Hydroxy Acids

These food acids, derived from vegetables, fruits, sugars, wine or milk, and from some animal products, are very effective for “loosening the glue” that holds dead skin on our faces. Alpha-Hydroxy Acids are used in creams, cleansers and lotions. Nearly every cosmetics company now has a product line that contains “AHAs.” They can come alone in their own treatment formula or mixed with a moisturizer.

You may already have a favorite cosmetics brand that has an AHA formula. They loosen dead skin cells from the surface, leaving a smoother, softer layer of skin. They also help retain moisture in severely dry skin. Glycolic Acid is a unique substance containing Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s) alternative to Retin-A, with NO side effects, and is naturally contained in sugar cane and fruits such as papayas, apples, mangoes and pears, and in some animal products.

Glycolic Acid is also contained in the natural secretion abundantly left on its path by the snail “Helix Aspersa Muller”. It’s extraction does not require the sacrifice of the snails. On the contrary they are taken care for and “milked” as many times as their normal and natural life span permits.

The procedure to collect the snail’s gift is a well kept secret of the Bascuñan family in Chile and the product has been patented in Switzerland.

Nourish your skin


The Epidermis – The top layer of the skin, locks in moisture and blocks toxins from entering the body.
The Dermis – The second layer of the skin, (where stretch marks occur), is where our skin produces collagen and elastin fibers which give it a firmer and younger appearance.
The Hypodermis – The third layer of skin, which is composed of fat and connective tissue.

Our skin is a barrier to exterior environment and does not let in substances that may be harmful to your body. And that might comprise some cosmetic ingredients beside the airborne pollutants. The skin acts as a filter to assess and determine the relationship – the user-friendliness, if you will – to the interior body itself. The skin is a very accommodating organ. It is built to adapt to the environment so it can help to keep us alive in any given climate. The most immediate environment to our skin is what we put on it topically. Yes, the skin care and cosmetics we select.

The skin’s natural filtering system decides to accept or reject those products. Is it “skin-friendly” or is it toxic? The best accepted products are those that contain natural constituents – – – the skin’s own ingredients.


BIOSKINCARE CREAM is made with “Helix Aspersa Muller’s” natural secretions composed of Glycosaminoglycans, Proteoglycans, Vitamins, Natural Antimicrobial Peptides, Antioxidants, and Enzymes, all in natural form; and 20% cream base.

BIOSKINCARE CREAM is the only cream that contains the natural biological ingredients that are compatible and match up to what is already in the skin. Your skin will recognize these substances and will utilize them, bolstering your skin’s ability to repair itself. And because the ingredients in the cream are all skin bio-compatible, there is no risk of a sensitive/allergic reaction.

BIOSKINCARE CREAM will become the nutritive skin food for your skin. It is an organic, natural protein, non allergenic non-scented, non greasy cosmetic and dermatology cream that is quickly absorbed by your skin.

These properties make it useful on any kind of skin and by people of all ages. A topical application of a little cream twice a day on clean skin is recommended.

It contains Aspersa Muller” natural extract. The organic Glycosaminoglycans, Proteoglycans, Antioxidants & Vitamins, Enzymes and Antimicrobial Peptides in it have the following form and properties.

1. Glycosaminoglycans in natural form, unlike most dermatological products that include synthetically made Glycosaminoglycans. Glycosaminoglycans is what makes regeneration of animal (and human) skin possible. The SNAIL itself has the capacity of regenerating its own shell if broken by using calcium, obtained through his diet and the action of Glycosaminoglycans.

2. Proteins & Vitamins resulting in richness and softness of the skin. These proteins and vitamins are obtained by the SNAIL’S rich diet in vegetables that contain these properties.

3. Natural Antimicrobial Peptides that are effective against different types of bacteria commonly found in human skin infections, such as: Escherichia Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, Pseudomona Aeruginosa and P. Acne.

4. Enzymes which make exfoliation possible, eliminating dead cells that remain on the surface of the skin.

BIOSKINCARE CREAM is also recommended in cases of: burns – wrinkles age spots – acne – minor cuts – ingrow hairs or razor bumps – warts – stretch marks – scars.


Previously you read about the six major ways sun destroys skin. Clinical studies reveal that promotes the healing of all six of these sun damaged conditions.

• The layer of dead skin cells is removed.

• The cells in the epidermis multiply to gain back their normal number of layers.

• The organizational structure and uniform size of cells are restored.

• Brown age spots disappear (pigment piles are reduced).

• Elastin is increased and repaired.

• Collagen is repaired and BIOSKINCARE CREAM actually causes the collagen tissue to re-organize itself.

• There is a dramatic increase in the number of capillaries that feed the skin.

Remember it’s you that does the healing. BIOSKINCARE CREAM impacts those conditions that allow for the healing. Removing dead cells is one aspect of its activity–but BIOSKINCARE CREAM is proven to do more than this. As stated earlier, BIOSKINCARE CREAM causes the skin to re-organize itself.

The dramatic shift in skin behavior produced by BIOSKINCARE has no uncomfortable side effects such as flakiness, redness, itching and swelling products.

BIOSKINCARE CREAM produces all the benefits without secondary side effects, because the ingredients contained in it are in a natural state as part of a complex natural biological system for the regeneration of the tissue. Therefore, its action is controlled and slowly released by nature, eliminating the risk of overdoses.

A Metabolic Lift for the Skin

Normal skin takes 2-3 weeks to renew itself, while aging skin may take 4-6 weeks.

Studies show that BIOSKINCARE helps to loosen or break up the thick outer layer of the skin where excessive build-up of dead skin cells can be associated with many of today’s common skin conditions. This loosening or breaking up of the outer skin layer leads to a sloughing of dead skin cells, which in turn has been shown to be effective care for cleansing and cleaning of pores in acne prone skin, age spots, hyper-pigmentation and scars; and smoothing of fine lines in older photo-aged (sun-damaged) skin.

BIOSKINCARE not only provides the normal ingredients which may be deficient in the skin, but also restores the skin renewal process by stimulating the germinal cells. These are located at the base of the skin which then migrate to replace the worn-out cells near the skin surface. The result is a healthier appearance of the skin with more thickness, a normal skin color, normal skin texture and moisture….normal skin tissue turgor.

The Response Noted with Daily Use

A softening effect in the skin is noted in just a few days.

A perceptible difference of the skin, often recognized only by the user, occurs in 3-4 weeks.

A beneficial response of the skin is recognized in 3-5 weeks.

A pronounced effect on the skin is apparent after 6 weeks.

The cream has no side effects, and no odor, it can be used safely by children and during pregnancy or nursing.